What you want to know



What can I expect to receive with my light?

Our LED signs are designed and come with a 230 v approved transformer, which plugs directly into a conventional wall socket. You can also get a dimmer dial which enables you to dim the brightness of your neon right down to less than 5% – perfect for a child’s nightlight or when you don’t require the full brightness. If you prefer to get a Dimmer and flasher remote control this option is also possible. There will be all the necessary screw and cap head to hide the screw in your box.

Our NEON signs are designed and come with a 230 v approved transformer, which plugs directly into a conventional wall socket. You can also get a dimmer as an extra fee and installation is preferably done by us except if the neon is mounted on acrylic you can easily install it from your side.

Is it Breakable?

LED: The nature of the LED means it’s very robust – virtually unbreakable. The most fragile part of your LED is the acrylic it’s backed on – which is super strong! During the design phase, we just have to make sure there are no ‘weak’ spots in the backing shape which could put pressure on the acrylic, leading to breakages.

NEON: Neon sign are made out of glass, and glass is very robust as well but due to the bending process we stress the glass and create weak spot. Those spot can break during transportation that’s why we do not ship internationally our neon lights.

How long do a sign last?

LED: 40-50,000 hours, or 2-3 years if left on 24/7. Of course you can extend the life of your LED neon greatly if it’s not on all day and night.

NEON: 10 to 15 years if you take good care of it, often the transformer is the weak spot but this is easy to replace so you can enjoy your light for many years.

How are they made?

Both LED and NEON are made by hand based on the design concepts we create. LED: Small amounts of glue can and might be visible on your sign. It’s part of the handwork!

NEON: Lights are bent using fire to get the glass to a certain temperature to be able to follow the pattern created that will make your light as a finish product. This requires a specific skill set and not many people can bend neon light therefore the higher price.

How much do they weight?

LED and NEON are surprisingly light! On average, our signs weight 5 kg.

How does LED differ to traditional NEON

Please refer to our page NEON vs LED. In brief LEDs are encased in a PVC jacket, LED neon looks very similar to traditional glass-blown neon but the light source and the craft behind NEON light is much superior that LED.

LED is NOT as durable as traditional NEON, also LED can not be fixed or repair if a section of light stop working in your sign. Neon can always be fixed and is sustainable du to its glass material. 

LED is not eco-friendly as it might consume a little less than NEON it’s impact on the panel is much higher as its material is not recyclable.

Do you do freestanding sign?

Yes! Just let us know the requirement and we can come up with solution that will suit your project.

How long are the cords?

All cords are standard size of approx 2 metres long, we can make this longer – just ask! This doesn’t count the additional 1.5 metres of black cable from the adapt

Can I have a font you don’t offer?

Most likely! We can use other specified fonts. Please bear in mind LED and NEON is monoline – therefore fonts with variations in thickness i.e. hand painted styles, can’t be replicated precisely. If you send us a font reference that has variation in thickness, we will hand draw new lettering based on the reference given in the style given.


What is your warranty?

Our lights come with a 6 month manufacturer warranty – covering faulty items and indoor use only.

As the lights are handmade to order, small smudges may appear on the tubing or acrylic due to the production process but is not apparent when lit and will not be under warranty.

Do you do outdoor light?

Yes, we can make them for outdoor use but this will mean that we have to create an acrylic box around your light to make it safe from rain. We are specialist for indoor light and there are more flexibility for indoor use.

We are not responsible if you the light stop working due to weather condition like heavy rain or Summer heat.

How do I pay?

We accept bank transfer, cash or cheque.

Why do I have to pay the full amount before I see my sign?

The highly customised nature of your sign in NEON or LED means we require full payment prior to production.

Do you provide installation service?

We do not supply installation for our LED signs since we supply all the necessary for you to do it and they are super simple to install. Alternatively, if you’re working in a commercial capacity and require it hung we can help out.

But we do offer installation as na extra fee for NEON light as they can be directly wall mounted to the wall without acrylic and this requires a professional.

Can I install it myself then?

Absolutely! LED is super simple to install and NEON light depending of the setting you choose for your sign you can do it yourself or we can assist you 🙂