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What's the difference?

The main difference between NEON and LED is the aesthetic. Traditional NEON is charming and has a nostalgic look and feel. Nothing will ever replace the glow that NEON light produce. Made by hand from start to finish and filled with noble gases, each piece is unique and will be the centre of attention. LED flex is a new technology that replicates NEON lights. Made of flexible plastic strip they are easy to install and your piece can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Introducing NEON light

What is NEON light?

NEON signs are hand made from glass tubing. The words or shapes are bent by our experience tube bender using fire. Once the shape desired is finished the tube is starting a full cleaning process using high voltage and then the same tube is filled with noble gas. Different type of gas are used depending of the colour you will pick, Neon is by definition red when it’s on, and argon for example is a light blue.

Portions of the sign are painted black to stop those parts of the tube from glowing. This creates separations between letters or design elements.

NEON light are bright, and have a 360 degrees light all around the tube. We can mount the tube on pretty much any surface.

NEON signs generally have visible wires and insulating caps where the wire connect to the neon tube. They also have a transformer which can be mounted on the backing of the sign, or hidden in a ceiling panel, or simply put on the floor. There are ways to keep the transformer out of view, please ask for more info if this is a concern.

Due to the fragile nature of glass, we do not ship traditional NEON signs, you can pick up your sign at our studio or we can install it for you in Dubai and other Emirates for an extra charge.


  • Long Lasting (up to 10 to 15 years and even more)
  • Breakable but Reparable 🙂
  • Nostalgic / charming look
  • “Warmer” light

Made of glass

A straight glass tube is bended with fire by a skilled tube bender following a pattern to achieve the shape desired.

Filled with inert gas

Neon, Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, Krypton, Oxygen, Xenon, all can be used inside the vacuumed and sealed glass tube. Each of them will react differently and will emit a different light colour.

Introducing LED light

What is LED light?

LED flex is a new technology that replicates NEON lights. Made of a flexible LED strip that contains multiple little LED lights inside encapsulated in a silicone or coloured PVC  with an opaque layer to diffuse the many points of light into a uniform glow that mimics a traditional neon tube.

The LED is glued to an acrylic background, the light source can be viewed mainly from the front. It can not be installed on a different material or directly to a wall, there will always be a transparent or coloured acrylic background.

Easy to install and tough, your piece can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately LED sign can rarely be fixed if it stop working partially.

Our LED signs can be shipped worldwide.


  • Lifespan 2 to 4 years depending on how often you are turning it on
  • Generally less expensive than traditional neon
  • Very thin wiring between the letters
  • Less fragile – travel well, great for events and trade shows etc.
  • Shipping world wide

Made of flexible LED strip

LED strip encapsulated in a silicone or PVC jacket to diffuse the many point of light into a uniform glow that replicates a traditional NEON light.

Transport and Event friendly

LED light are perfect for events, parties or to elevate your pop-up stand to the next level and make sure all the attention is on you! We can provide self standing bracket if you don’t have a wall to display your piece.

Neon Light in action


LED Light in action


The Neon super guide by Randall Caba

The beauty of NEON light

If you have never gazed through a telescope at a far away nebula, then perhaps you have seen a picture of one. A nebula is an immense pocket of gas floating in the deep vacuum of space. It emits an array of coloured light when its atoms of gas excite to luminous levels by waves of charged particles that race through space.

A magical event occurs when a visible light wave travels in our direction and is not absorbed, reflected or obstructed. If we happen to gaze in the light wave’s path, it enters our eye and is focused to strike a single point. When is strikes, its energy is absorbed and converted to an electrical impulse that is sent to our brain.Then depending upon the light wave’s energy, we see a particular colour.

Such is the way of NEON. To mimic the environment in space, a deep vacuum is created within a glass tube. Next, the tube is filled with an inert gas element to precise but very low pressure. Finally, waves of charged particles and energy are beamed through the tube to excite the gas to luminous levels and…we see colours.

— The Neon Superguide by Randall Caba