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NEON Light

Infinite possibilities

Frequently asked questions

- Long Lasting (up to 10 to 15 years and even more)
- Breakable but Reparable 🙂
- Nostalgic & Industrial look
- "Warmer” light
- Strong glow
- Installation by our team avaialble and free UAE shipping

A straight glass tube is bended with fire by a skilled tube bender following a pattern to achieve the shape desired. 

Then this tubed is vacuumed using a very scientific approach and pumped with inert gas like Neon or Argon. 

No it's not dangerous for any human and will not cause any harms to have Neon light in your space.

The gas used are all extracted from oxygen so you are technically treating them now! 

Neon, Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, Krypton, Oxygen, Xenon, are sealed inside the glass tube. Each of them will react differently and will emit a different light colour.

The glass can break yes and you could potentially cut yourself but that's like any light bulb, wire glass or any glass items around you. 

Neon light doesn't overheat a room or consume more electricity on your bill. A well produced Neon is way more sustainable than LED simply because its mage of raw material and can be repaired. 

NO, unfortunately we do not offer any warranty on traditional Neon in glass. Neon light are made the same way since its discovery only the electrodes can burst or a third party can crack your light, both issue are an easy fix :) 

If there are any problem with your light our team will surely do the necessary to assist you and fix the issue at the earliest.